Women's Ministry is for any woman aged 18 - 108 !



Women are vital to a healthy church. In the Bible, it was the women who stuck by Jesus as he died on the cross. It was the women who discovered that Jesus rose from the dead and told the disciples. And it was the women who faithfully served in the early church in partnership with the apostles and elders.

The early church was radical in that it encouraged women to learn about theology and Jesus, encouraged them to serve and help build the church, and deemed women as equal image bearers of God, with distinct roles.

River of Life Women’s Ministries is focused on helping women grow more deeply in their love of Jesus, grow in their knowledge of the Bible, and get connected with one another in community with the ultimate goal of creating disciples of Jesus who make other disciples.

Typical opportunities for women include Bible studies, mom get-togethers, book clubs, special events and conferences, and more.

River of Life Women’s Ministries are open to all women of any age and stage of life. To learn more about Women’s Ministries available to you, or if you have questions, contact Sister Adele at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Our vision & objectives are based on those of the  National & District Christian & Missionary Alliance Women's Ministry's 3 part vision:

  • Winning women to Christ
  • Building them in their faith
  • Equipping them to be disciple-makers


Our objectives are designed to complement this vision, they are:  prayer,  fellowship, outreach into our local community, discipleship and missions.

We invite and welcome your input, ideas & needs, to help us develop this ministry.  We have some exciting opportunities planned besides the activities presently happening for this year.