International Ministries


Our Vision: To be agents of spiritual, social and cultural change in our community and the world.

Imagine: a community, city or nation where the church:

  • is in easy access to everyone
  • meets the physical, spiritual and social needs of the community
  • brings truth to bear in all areas of community life: the family, business, politics, justice, the arts, education, communication, science, technology, the environment and agriculture

Imagine: a place where Christ lives in and through His people so that He:

  • heals the community's deepest wounds
  • redeems their cultures
  • restores their dignity
  • gives them a hope and destiny

Imagine: a place where Christ is Lord of life. Where there is:

  • individual righteousness
  • economic sufficiency for all
  • lasting social peace
  • justice for even the poorest of the poor

Imagine the Kingdom of God.  Making this a reality is what Christ lived and died for.  Making this a reality is the passion of City of Grace -- that God's kingdom would come and his will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven.

Imagine joining God in his passion to see the good news of the Kingdom reach all the peoples of the earth!

Imagine the difference we can make together in those areas of the world to which God has called us.