...with open arms; living and working to invite others to join us on this journey of forgiveness, hope, and love. Beyond what happens in our personal lives and church experiences, we reach out to share the love of Christ through causes we're passionate about. We build on the strengths God has given each of us, partner with community organizations and local churches, and focus on opportunities that span the globe.

 "Love your neighbor as yourself." As a body of believers, we sincerely want to express this love to people both near and far. But we've also learned that in our desire to help, sometimes we can cause damage we didn't anticipate. Through prayer, study, and healthy discussion, we've developed the following principles to guide us toward an active, compassionate, and helpful way to love our neighbors.

As we meet individuals at their point of need, we communicate an eternal truth: that every person on this earth matters to God. His love takes on tangible expression through our relief and restoration efforts.


Relief is the immediate and temporary provision of emergency (free) aid to reduce immediate suffering from a man-made or natural crisis.


Restoration is an ongoing process of change that enables individuals to find stability in their relationships, their education/work life, and in their spiritual life.

We partner with other organizations

We can't do it alone. We'll make more progress together.

We partner with other organizations that complement our strengths. We understand we all have something to offer, and we'll team up with groups who specialize in addiction rehabilitation and relief.