Matthew 7:15 - Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

I was travelling home from Nashville one day and I saw multiple signs and flashing lights. Apparently there was an accident that had occurred and another driver was not paying attention and caused a second accident. The signs were up, but he did not see the signs because he was not paying attention. No matter how much he would want to make an excuse for causing a second accident, the signs were there. Its like slipping while running on a wet floor. The sign is there! PAY ATTENTION!

Jesus gave His disciples a caution because He knew that people would come and try to break down what He built in them. The Apostles Paul and Peter both discussed a popular topic to the early church - an alternative gospel. There were people going around preaching a gospel that was contrary to the Gospel of Jesus. Soothsayers and smooth talkers have continued to plague the church today. As followers of Jesus, we must be sure that we are in tune with the Holy Spirit to rightly identify those individuals who are coming in the name of the Lord only to divide and confuse the people of God.

A revelation from God will NEVER contradict the Word of God!

Jesus goes further to state in vs 16 that we will "know them by their fruit." In other words, the words they speak will match the lives they live. If we fall prey to the words of someone who was teaching a gospel other than the true Gospel it is not their fault. The fault is our own. JESUS has already given the warning and we must choose to listen! Do not attach yourself to a man/woman or a movement just because they are saying things that you like. Make sure that the words they speak line up with the Word of God.